It’s just a few days left before Stockholm Fotomaraton!

Important information about how we together can carry out the event in a safe way.

It’s almost time and the preparations are in full swing! See you on Saturday at Skrapan’s Bakgård!

Last week you got info about choosing start times (it’s important that you do it if you have not already done so), discount on Scandinavian Photo (code fotomaraton2020), about the start, finish and checkpoint and that it is important to transfer the ticket if you have not already done so.

This email will instead contain other important information. Especially regarding how we make it a safe event and together take responsibility for slowing down the spread of infection.

If you have not received any practical information, you can easily find it here.

Safety in corona times

  • Be on time! The times are made to ensure that we limit the number of people who are in the same place (queues, starts, etc.). It is therefore important that you follow them. If you miss your time, it may result in you not being able to complete this year’s photo marathon. As always, we try to be as flexible as possible, but we will not risk crowding, so we ask you to help us.

    Please note, you have to be at the start 1,5h before your starting time (but don’t be too early) to get all the material you need.
  • We keep our distance! It is important that we, as in all other contexts, keep our distance right now. Keep a distance from other participants and volunteers.
  • Disinfect and wash your hands! There will be hand sanitizers on site. We strongly recommend that you also bring your own small bottle of rubbing alcohol throughout the day. And of course, wash your hands as often as possible!
  • Ill? Stay home! No one with symptoms will be allowed to attend.

Together, we take responsibility for reducing the spread, but at the same time being able to continue to carry out activities such as the Stockholm Fotomaraton in a responsible and safe manner.

Ethics & moral

Stockholm Fotomaraton is a unique event that today is popular with most people we come in contact with. It is simply that you participants are wonderful!

We want it to continue like this and therefore we have uploaded a small text on the website which we would like you to read before we meet on Saturday.

It’s about morality and ethics and how we show respect to those we photograph.

Important information about using your mobile phone

On this page we describe how submission will be made. But most importantly, how to set up your phone’s camera to get it right when submitting. Many modern cameras, both Android and Iphone, take pictures in their own formats that are not allowed and where the photo time can be wrong when submitting. 

It is therefore important that you who are going to use you phone check that the settings are correct.

Bring your ticket!

Both at the start and finish, we will need to scan your ticket. It is therefore important that you have it available on your phone or paper. You can find your ticket on the email you provided when you registered or by logging in to and selecting my tickets.

Cloth bags & t-shirts

For this year’s event, we have printed brand new Photo Marathon t-shirts and cloth bags that will be available for purchase on site. Do not miss to catch a brand new model with the entire Photo Marathon logo!

See you on Saturday!

/Gabriel & Emil