Practical inforamtion about Stockholm Fotomaraton

Soon it is time for Stockholm Photo marthon again, and this year it will be adjusted according to current restrictions. This years Photo marathon will be a bit different and it is extra important that you read the information thoroughly.

Here you will find the following:

  • Starting times, and the potential choosing of them. 
  • Some tips and tricks.
  • The start of Stockholm Fotomaraton 2021 – How does it work?
  • Important information about starting times
  • Checkpoints – How does it work?
  • Finish line – How will it work?
  • Do not forget to tranfer the ticket if you have sold your ticket – This is how you do it.

The start of Stockholm Fotomaraton 2021

This year Stockholm Fotomaraton will start from Skrapans Bakgård you will enter it from the portal in the wall by Vartoftagatan 45.

(With reservation for changes if the pandemic demands it)

Choose your starting time

Tuesday August 10th at 20.00 – Then you will be able to choose your starting time, either at 11.00 or 13.00. Do you want a special time? Then it is important to be fast, to meet the restrictions we have a limited number of people per start time.

You choose the start time, from 10 Aug at 20, at

Check points

This years adjusted Photo Marathon will take you through one checkpoint, somewhere in Stockholm, 4 hours after you have started.

More information of how it will work will be available closer to the event

Finish line

Where you will find the finish line of this years Stockholm Fotomaraton is still a secret besides that it will be in the central parts of Stockholm. On your participation card you will see what time you can submit your photos and finish Stockholm Fotomaraton 2021.(8-9 timmar efter din starttid).

By the finish line you will submiit your pictures to our staff on site.It is VERY IMPORTANT that your memory card only contains 8 pictures in JPEG format. Not more or less.

We ask that you have deleted and made your memory card ready before you arrive at the finish line. This because we will have a limit on the amount of people who can be at the finish line at the same time.

If you shoot film you will submit your exposed roll in an envelope that you will receive at the finish line.

If you participate with your phone you will submit you photos by a webportal. More info soon to come.

Do not forget to transfer your tickets!

Have you bought tickets for someone else or maybe sold your ticket? Do not forget to transfer the ticket to that person.

To transfer is a fast thing and is needed so that the person get the correct info emails.

Do not wait – follow these instructions.

Extra memory card

A good tip is to bring an extra memory card to be able to take pictures from your participation that are not the competing pictures. There will be times when you want to take a picture of something that is not in the competition.

Follow our social channels and our community

In our social media & here on the web we will publish tips, inspiration and a lot more about the coming Photomarathon.

Do not forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook,

Check list

To have the best Photomarathon experience possible it is good to be prepared. Here you will find a checklist with tips & trips. You find the check list here

Don’t be lazy!

be sure to stay up to date with the  rules and conditions on the web to stay updated. Also look through the FAQ to find the answers to your questions. We are always available at as well.

See you the 21 of August!