All the information you need!


Now it’s almost time!

Hello all of you who bought a ticket and are now aiming for the best photo event of the year: Stockholm Fotomaraton. Hope you are as excited as we are, and in this email comes a lot of information in short form.

Below is what you need to know in condensed form:

Where and when?

The start is at 12 noon in Frihamnen, specifically at Magasin 2. The easiest way to get there is by public transport. The red line towards Ropsten and get off at Gärdet and then bus 1 or walk. Alternatively, bus 76 towards Ropsten and get off at Frihamnsporten. A tip is to download the SL app and thus be able to quickly get to where you need to be.

To start, you must be logged in. Check-in begins at 10 a.m. Please arrive on time as many of us must be checked in. You need to print your ticket (preferably) or have it downloaded from Billetto. We scan the barcode, so make sure you have it ready. After that, you will get the materials you need and can start preparing for a marathon.

At the start, there is everything from our own Fotomaraton merch (here you can pick up any pre-ordered items or if you received merch as a bonus), and a number of our fantastic partners. Take the chance to mingle around, pick up any equipment you borrowed and talk to our partners.

If you want to start earlier, we have a mingling at 5 p.m. on Friday at Scandinavian Photo, Vasagatan 14. Come, listen to exciting tips and tricks and be inspired by Daniel Roos.

Important stuff

Make sure you have a cleared memory card if you’re competing in the digital camera class, and check your clock and date to ensure it’s set correctly. Don’t forget to fix film if you compete analogue.

Don’t forget to charge batteries. And maybe bring an extra.

For those competing in the mobile class, set the correct settings for the camera. You can find everything about it here, you mustn’t forget this. And remember a power bank for charging.

Bring a sweater and maybe something for possible rain. And good shoes.

The license plate is important. Make sure to wear it visible throughout the competition.

And some more

Read all the rules. And for first-timers: check how the Fotomaraton works: you will find the rules here and most about the Fotomaraton here.

If you need to get in touch with the competition management, you can send an SMS to 076 576 16 30.

Share on social media

If, as we hope, you share things (not competition pictures :)) on social media, please tag us. We are called Stockholmfotomaraton everywhere. The hashtag is #stockholmfotomaraton.