Stockholm Fotomaraton

The Stockholm Fotomaraton is a photography event for photographers of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels, who enjoy the process and challenge of finding creative photographic interpretations of the year’s themes. The Stockholm Photo Marathon is an 8/24-hour event where participants interpret a series of challenging themes in a certain order and within a certain time.

Every four hours, participants must show up at a check point somewhere in Stockholm. There, participants get their next 4 themes to work on. All photos must be taken in order.

– Do you like photography?

– Do you have a camera? (or smartphone)

Do you want to challenge yourself to find creative solutions?

If your answer is yes, the Stockholm Photo Marathon is just the thing for you!

Latest News

  • When are the tickets launching for Fotomaraton 2022?
    On Saturday 26th of February. Set the alarm, put it in your calendar, print it out and put it on the fridge. More information will follow. And it will be […]
  • Stockholm by Camera is back, again!
    Stockholm by Camera is back again, again! However, we need to run a slightly slimmed-down variant, so there will be a limit of 14 participants per event and a requirement to […]
  • What happens to the contact sheets?
    On Friday morning, the contact sheets from this year’s Stockholm Fotomaraton will be taken down. We therefore know that many of you are wondering when you will receive your contact […]
  • Do not miss this year’s exhibition of Stockholm Fotomaraton
    From October 16th to October 29th, all this year’s participants’ photos will be on display at the Stockholm City Museum. The winning photos will be revealed immediately after the price […]

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