Stockholm Fotomaraton

The Stockholm Fotomaraton is a photography event for photographers of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels, who enjoy the process and challenge of finding creative photographic interpretations of the year’s themes. The Stockholm Photo Marathon is an 8-hour event where participants interpret a series of challenging themes in a certain order and within a certain time.

Every four hours, participants must show up at a check point somewhere in Stockholm. There, participants get their next 6 themes to work on. All photos must be taken in order.

– Do you like photography?

– Do you have a camera? (or smartphone)

Do you want to challenge yourself to find creative solutions?

If your answer is yes, the Stockholm Photo Marathon is just the thing for you!

Latest News

  • This year’s fourth jury member!
    Thursday and as usual it’s time to present another jury member! This year’s fourth jury member is – Anna Seidevall Byström! Anna describes that she always thinks about pictures and […]
  • We are releasing more tickets on Wednesday at noon!
    FINALLY! After new restrictions in an overall better situation, we have now decided to release more tickets on Wednesday at 12! Together with our fantastic partners, we work to create […]
  • Third jury member of 2021!
    Thursday and time to present this year’s third jury member, who is no less than Emanuel Dahlberg. This year’s third jury member, Emanuel Dahlberg, is a 34-year-old from Klimpfjäll in […]
  • This year’s second jury member
    It’s time to present this year’s second jury member, Elin Åberg. Elin Åberg is a freelance photojournalist and photographer who works mainly for Dagens Nyheter. She says that in her […]

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