Stockholm by Camera returns!

You have spoken and we have listened!

On Saturday 9th of October, Stockholm by Camera will start up again! What is that then? For those of you who have not participated before in Stockholm by Camera, it is a short photo competition that is held on Saturdays. The theme will be the same as the #lördagstemat and you have one hour to take your picture. All the pictures will be printed and we will vote together for the best picture on the theme!

There are some changes from previous years. The start is at 12 o’clock and is now from Scandinavian Photo where the finish line is also at 13 o’clock. #lördagstemat will in the future be released after Stockholm by Camera, ie at 13 o’clock, so arrive in time to find out the days theme! At Scandinavian, we sit as usual and drink coffee in the sofa group next to the coffee machine, but feel free to bring your own “fika” if you are hungry for it.

Gabriel and Emil may appear as photographers at some point, but at these events you will in the future look for Felix instead. Hope as many of you as possible want to be part of this!