More people is a fun happening – recruit friends and get great stuff

Stockholm Fotomaraton is a happening for social meetings. An opportunity to meet new acquaintances and hang out with people you already like to hang out with.

Therefore, we thought we would give something extra to those who tell their friends and acquaintances to participate in the Stockholm Photo Marathon.

Quite simply: the people you recruit can enter your participant number when they buy their ticket. The more you recruit, the more bonus stuff you get to collect in connection with the competition.

Here’s what we think:

  • If you recruit 1 person = a nice cloth bag
  • If you recruit 3 people = a nice cloth bag and a classic T-shirt.
  • If you are recruiting 10 people = a stylish cloth bag, a classic T-shirt and one of our handy water bottles.
  • If you are a super recruiter and get 20 people together = everything above plus an incredibly solid coffee thermos.

If you want to know more about what you can get as a bonus for recruiting – check out our merch

And tickets can be purchased here at our website.