How does Stockholm Photomarathon works?


Before the Stockholm Photo Marathon starts, you as a participant must check-in and pick up your number plate and other participant material that you need during the event.


We open up for admission sometime before the start shot goes for the opportunity to ask your last questions, pick up your participant material and we provide the last info you need to complete this year’s edition of the Stockholm Photo Marathon.

When the marathon starts, you will receive your theme card, containing the first themes of the year.

On the back of the theme card you will also find the location of the next checkpoint. There you get the next theme card.

Time to photographing

Now it’s time to start photographing and capturing your best photos on this year’s themes. Keep in mind that the tasks must be photographed in the correct order, theme 1 before theme 2, etc.

Remember that you can only have one image per theme on your memory card when you finish.


Your theme card says where and when you need to show up at the next checkpoint. Here you get the next round of themes.

Final push

We are now entering the last hours of Photo Marathon and it’s time to finish photographing.

Remember that all competition photos must be taken within the specified time limit.

The finish

When it’s time for the finish line, you are welcome to upload your photos to the final station.

You should now have one image per theme on your memory card, neither more nor less and they should be photographed in the correct order with theme 1 before theme 2 and so on.

Once you have uploaded your photos to one of our computers, you are officially at the finish line.

Great work!

Now you get a diploma, maybe some fun from a sponsor and then it’s time to go home and rest.

After the finish line

Printing the pictures

When everyone has finished, we start immediately with the finishing work. All your photos go away and are printed on contact cards which the jury will then assess.

We ask you to keep your competition photos away from social media until the jury completed their work. If you want to share your photos, you can do it in the group for this year’s event here at

The work of the jury

Middle of September

Our five jury members sit down and go through all the submitted photos. They do a solid job and when they are done, they have chosen the winners of this year’s Stockholm Photo Marathon.

You will now receive an email confirming that it is ok to share your competition photos as you wish.


We usually arrange a few exhibitions with the best pictures in different selected themes during the autumn.

Keep an eye out for our news via mail and social media!

Award ceremony

Finally, it’s time for the award ceremony. Here we also exhibit all photos competing in Stockholm Photo Marathon.

Info about when the award ceremony will take place will come soon.