General conditions

Please note – this is a translation, and it’s not guaranteed to be up to date or correctly translated. We always refer to the Swedish version for all and any legal questions. When the jury and crew interpret the general conditions, it will be from the Swedish version.

These conditions apply between the registered participant and Fotomaraton Sverige AB (559209-9732) (hereinafter referred to as the Organizer).

  1. The organizer’s responsibility
    The organizer will provide all registered participants with participant material provided that the participant arrives at the stations within the time frames communicated by the competition management before and during the competition, as well as people who communicate on behalf of the competition management.
  2. Personal information
    • Through registration, the participant agrees that the Organizer handles the personal data that the participant or representative of the participant (the person who registered the participant) entered at the registration.
    • The person who registers another person is obliged to inform and obtain approval that the information is used in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions.
    • The participant also agrees to receive information from the Organizer about the events carried out by the Organizer.
    • The participant agrees that pictures and videos of him or her may be used in the Organizer’s and partners’ marketing of events arranged by or in partnership with the Organizer.
  3. Refund
    Paid registration fee is not refundable. However, it is allowed to sell/give away your ticket. This must be done no later than 24 hours before the start, and the Participant is obliged to update all information in the booking system Billetto (see frequently asked questions for info on how this is done).
  4. Cancelled events
    If the event is cancelled, the ticket fee (excl. the Booking fee of up to 10% from Billetto) will be refunded as soon as possible.
  5. Cancelled event due to Force Majeure
    In the event of extreme events (force majeure) such as a terrorist attack, natural disaster, fire, burglary, epidemic/pandemic, etc. or on the advice of the authorities, the event can be cancelled at short notice. In the event of force majeure, a maximum of 50% of the ticket fee (excluding Billetto’s booking fee of up to 10%) will be refunded.
  6. Cancelled event due to Covid-19
    Should the event be cancelled due to Covid-19, a maximum of 50% of the ticket fee (excluding Billetto’s booking fee of up to 10%) will be refunded. The organizer expects to be able to conduct a competition with one or more physical starts primarily and secondarily a completely digital competition.
  7. Length of the competition
    The organizer aims to carry out an event lasting 8 and 24 hours, respectively. The prerequisite for conducting an event that lasts for 24 hours is that public gatherings with at least 600 participants are allowed (with or without so-called vaccination certificates/covid certificates) at a suitable time for planning, according to the organizer. If 24 hours are not deemed possible, the organizer has the right to reschedule the event to only last for 8 hours.
  8. About the participant’s pictures
    • Participation in the competition allows the organiser to store, use and publish the participant’s photos in connection with its exhibitions (in all media), on its website, social media and marketing.
    • Participation in the competition gives the organizer permission to share photos with the Organizer’s partners, who in their channels (both physical and digital) get the opportunity to show participating photos in contexts where it appears that it is about contributions to the competition Stockholm Fotomaraton. The images may not be used in the Organizer’s partner’s marketing, except when it is not about showing the Stockholm Fotomaraton or their collaboration with the Stockholm Fotomaraton.
    • The participant is responsible for ensuring approval for the use of the images according to the rules of the competition by persons identifiable in the image and that he or she owns the rights to the images.
  9. Insurance and damages
    The organizers are not responsible for any injuries participants, people around the participant or their equipment may get during the event, award ceremony, exhibitions or other activities. Each participant must have insurance covering any damages that may arise.
  10. Participants under 18 years
    Participants under 18 must have a parent’s signature for participation. The signature must be available on request in connection with the start.
  11. Tax for prices and jury
    • The jury’s decision cannot be appealed.
    • Any profit tax is paid by the winner.
  12. Rules, terms and conditions, including changes to these
    • All participants must participate in and follow the rules of the competition, applicable at any given time. The organizer always has interpretive precedence regarding how the competition’s rules and conditions are assessed during discussions about, for example, which functions on a camera or telephone are approved to compete with.
    • The organizers have the right to change the competition’s rules and conditions, including the day before the competition. In the event of major changes, registered participants will be notified via the email address provided at registration.
  13. Right to request a Covid certificate/vaccination certificate
    • The organizer has the right to request, approved by Swedish authorities, a “Covid certificate” / vaccination certificate against Covid-19 from registered participants. The organizer has the right to refuse non-vaccinated persons to participate. Denied participation due to missing, outdated or not approved by Swedish authorities Covid certificate/vaccination certificate does NOT give the right to a refund.
      In other words, the organizer has the right to demand that each participant be vaccinated against Covid-19.
    • The organizer has the right (but not the obligation) to exempt participants from this requirement who belong to groups advised against being vaccinated. This is done according to the recommendations that exist from authorities, for example, through medical certificates.
  14. Tickets and special rules for double & triple participation
    • The participant must ensure that the correct first and last name and email address are on all tickets no later than two months before the start.
    • Tickets with double and triple submission may only be used by the same individual. It is therefore not permitted to have two people sharing such a ticket.