Please note – this is an translation. When the jury and crew interpret the rules and regulations it will be from the Swedish version.

1 Participants in the Stockholm Photo Marathon may use either digital or analogue photography. You may participate with any camera, whether it’s a DSLR, a small-format film camera or mobile phone. For DSLR, remember to bring the associated memory card. If you are shooting on film, you must bring your own film (which must be included in the list below). The memory card/film should be empty/blank at the start of the competition. A mobile phone does not need to be emptied of pictures.

The following films may be used for submissions to the analogue class:

Color 135 film:

Any film type which can be developed by the C41 method.

Black and white 135 film:

Tri-x, TMax-100, TMax-400, Ilford HP5, Ilford Delta 100 and 400.

2 Pictures in order

2.1 Your submission must include one picture for each of the 8 themes, in order. You may delete images from the memory card or telephone, but all themes should be photographed in the correct order. This means that you cannot go back and capture an image for a previous theme after you have captured an image for a later theme.

2.2 If you are shooting on film, you may take only one picture per theme, submitting 8 pictures in order. When submitting to the analogue class, the first three exposures on the film should be “blank”, i.e. exposed with the lens cap on. This is required in order to simplify the processing. The image after the first three blank exposures will count as your image on theme number 1.

3 When may the pictures be taken?

3.1 All images must be taken during your participation in the Stockholm Photo Marathon, i.e. in the eight hours between start and finish. Note, however, that you do not need to capture one theme per hour. (Make sure the camera clock is set correctly.)

4 All photographs must be taken with the same camera.

5 Image format

5.1 All images should be in JPEG format. RAW files are not accepted. Iphone users need to switch to “most compatible” in the camera settings (settings-> camera-> Format -> “Most compatible”).

5.2 If you are shooting on film, expose based on the film’s indicated speed, as it is not possible to have the film pushed or pulled during development.

6 You may use flashes, tripods, physical lens filters and other accessories.

7 You may not edit your images in any way. You may not change the Exif data, rename the files or make any other modifications. Any manipulation of an image or its metadata will result in disqualification. Submissions are verified using software developed specifically for the Stockholm Photo Marathon.

8 You may not use any applications on the camera or mobile phone that e.g. allow you to manipulate the images before they are taken. Settings such as black and white, sharpness and other changes to the JPEG conversion process are allowed. Any other applications installed on the camera or mobile phone may not be used. Various filters that you can apply on mobile phones that create “creative effects” are also prohibited. Fundamentally, anything that you are able to do using a film camera is similarly permissible when shooting digitally. It is your responsibility to prove that any special features used could also have been possible using a film camera; e.g. black and white photography is permitted, as you could have used black and white film.

9 Your memory card/film should only have 8 pictures in order when you finish and upload the pictures/submit the film. Submitting more or fewer images will result in disqualification. Mobile phone users need to have mobile data and submit their photos digitally. Mobile users can keep their other pictures on the phone. However, you must have selected 8 images when submitting for the finish line.

10 You must check in to the checkpoint at the right time to be able to continue the competition. When you are expected to be there is printed on the participant card that is handed out at the start.

11 You must wear your number bib visibly throughout the competition.

12 You must finish and submit your memory card/film no later than 9 hours after you started in this year’s photo marathon. However, the photos must be taken no later than 8 hours from the start.

14 You must follow the standards of ethics that apply to photography.

15 After the contest, you may not share your submitted images publicly (except in our community at before the jury meeting has taken place on September 19th 2021.

16 In case of questions or issues that are not covered by the rules and/or result from differing interpretations of the rules, the competition organisers and/or jury have final vetoes without appeal.