Check list for your next Photomarathon

Camera and gadgets.

  • Check time and date settings.
  • Choose the picture format JPG and ONLY JPG (no RAW-files will be accepted)
  • Empty the memory card, and format it in camera. Also note that we ask you to not use Eye-fi Sd cards.
  • Filters
  • Tripod
  • Cleaning-kit for the camera
  • External Flash?
  • Fully charged batteries to the camera
  • Fully charged batteries to the flash
  • Spare batteries/charger.

Camera Settings

  • Make sure to read up on the night settings, low light.
  • Check picture styles, sepia, black & white etc.
  • Check self timer. (Particularly good in low light conditions)

Get around

  • Good shoes
  • A bike? Lights, helmet, lock.
  • Ticket to the busses and subway. You can get a 24 hour ticket at the closest 7-Eleven.
  • Map over Stockholm
  • Google Maps on your phone.
  • Save the number to our emergency phone. +46-76 5761630


  • Water or something to drink
  • Snacks (Energy-bars, nuts or something)
  • ID or Passport.
  • Money or Credit card


  • Charge the battery, make sure you have a working sim card
  • Write down Stockholm Photomarathons emergency number: +46 70-626 75 55
  • Set alarms on: 15.00, 19.00, 23.00, 03.00, 07.00, 11.00 as a reminder of the checkpoints.

Other small things

  • Pen and paper.
  • Some kind of tape.
  • Flashlight, or some other pocket sized light source. Good for light graffiti.


  • Sunscreen
  • Umbrella
  • A hat.
  • Rainponcho
  • Rain cower/plastic bag as protection for the camera

Share your day!

  • Twitter/Instagram/Facebook Hashtag: #stockholmfotomaraton @Stockholmfotomaraton