What are HUBs and its criteria for certification?

What are HUBs and its criteria for certification?
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  • Nc small business certification is accredited by the HUBs, to help small businesses owned by women, the disabled, and minorities to meet their objective by obtaining an extra amount of goods and services. You can apply any time for the certification; we are ready to help you anytime to guide you throughout the application process and later on as well. We make sure that the procedure is completely less than forty-five days and you can have a certificate within that period. Let’s talk about the eligibility that is required to fall under consideration.

    • The person should be a citizen of the US. They should have proper proof holding that they belong to the same country.
    • The person applying for the certification should be at least 51 percent ownership of the business and they should be Native American, Hispanic American, African American, or Asian Pacific American.
    • The person should belong to Texas, they should have proof of all the documents required otherwise this will affect the process.
    • Your office or business, mainly the functional place of your work should be located in Texas.
    • The person should take active participation in management and control of the business. In simple words, active members are eligible for the certificate of hum.
    • No active bankruptcies or tax liens.
    These are the requirements that are needed to own a certificate. Some requirements differ by the issuer because every state has its own conditions and rules.

    Now we would like to tell you the key benefits of the NC state certification program. First of all, the certification is free of cost you don’t have to pay any amount to enroll for hub certification. Second, this certificate is valid for four years without any renewal or extra process. Third, it gives a better exposure to your business, where you will get in touch with other agencies and businesses. Fourth, the hub organizes various training and seminars that will help you to learn new skills and strategies.

    For more information, please visit http://www.nchubcertification.com/

    Original Source: https://bit.ly/3pV7W9f
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